Step I: Meta-Physics - being the discription (the logos) of what we think about, that which is beyond perception - is about the SPIRIT, the MIND, the MENTAL, it is about Representation.
What is it that makes living creatures want to know about what is outside and represent what is outside inside? What makes them care about who is inside? Finding out where "wanting" and "caring" came from is the first step on the way to a new metaphysics.

Our distinctions, that is all our philosophy, our science, our life, all we can think about. I believe that some very important new basic ideas are being created in our human world. Re-reading these basic concepts, I came to realise that I forgot to mention a most important fundamental problem: How to think about myself?

Caminante, son tus huellas
el camino, y nada mas.
Caminante, no hay camino, 
se hace camino al andar.
Antonio Machado

How to think about myself? How to make my way by going?

Francisco Varela : Ethical Know-How
Intentionaliy - aboutness

George Johnson : Fire in the Mind Viking 1996 pg 110
Keywords: mass, energy, space, time - INFORMATION - Most of us are used to thinking of information as secondary, not fundamental, something that is made from matter and energy. Information seems like an artefact, a human invention. We impose pattern on matter and energy and use it to signal our fellow humans. Though information is used to describe the universe, it is not commonly thought of as being part of the universe itself - Information can be thought of as a measurement of distinctions, the simplest being 1 or 0, the presence or absence of a certain quality. By this measure, there is more information in something that is orderly than in a homogeneous, undifferentiated mess. - quantum theory - probability wave - measurement problem - Superpositions and Quantum Decoherence - many worlds.

Steps 2

Grand12: persistent phenomena
.the view I want to convey in this book is largely an anti-reductionist, anti-matirialist and anti-mechnistic one. The argument I want to put forward is that....

...The natural world is composed of a hierarchy of "persistent phenomena", in which matter, life, mind and society are simply different levels or aspects of the same thing. I propose that this natural hierarchy can be mirrored by an equivalent one that exists inside a parallel universe called cyberspace. I want to sketch an outline for a common descriptive language which can be used at all levels of the hierarchy. In this language which shall find the basic operators of which life and mind are constructed. outline for a common descriptive language -
Stephen Wolfram A New Kind of Science

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