cellular automaton music


The examples here assembled, though crude, will I hope suffice to convey a sense of the potential for generating music using cellular automata, as well as for better understanding the structure of CA evolution by making use of the aural modality.

Parity music

Fredkin's unique Parity rule abounds in spontaneous musicality.

CyclicCA music

"Transcendigital" meditation at period 14 in three easy lessons, courtesy of the CyclicCA.

Brain music

We knew the bizarre gliderworld of Brian's Brain rule could dance. Turns out it can sing too.

More CA music

A few token musifications of other CAs, including Conway's Life and Banks' Computer.

Background information

What's a CA orbit? How can it be musified? If you've got questions, we've got answers.

The Cellsprings Java applet

Explore the CAs behind the music, and many others.

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