A Synthesis of Wisdom: Questions about "Mindfulness"

Who are we? How does the world work? How does the mind work? How can we "know"? How can we "know" about the Unknowable? How can we talk about the Unspeakable?

searching for a synthesis of knowledge and wisdom:

It seems to me essential not only to connect new ideas to structures of "knowledge" (whatever that very general term designates) - but also to to evaluate new ideas, sort of building a hierarchy of knowledge items - not top down but botton up. What are ideas that changed our most basic assumptions

Working on an Essay on Thinking and Communication, I started with a collection of texts on Logic, Systemstheory, Communication .

This essay is what I would call "a work in progress". I doubt that it will ever be finished. Human "Thinking" will never attain final, or "eternal" knowledge. All that we can achieve is what I term "Wisdom of Insecurity".

Versuch einer Umschrift in drei Schritten:
Einerlei – Zweierlei – Dreierlei
Testament des alten Linguisten Urs Boeschenstein
Beim Nachdenken über Sprache I und II und III.


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My Reading Diary:
I collect ideas that change our most basic assumptions - You will find an exemple in my diary.

My Blog: Thinking Thoughts: http://urs-blog.blogspot.com/

My texts:
Gedankengänge I : Offene Weite - nichts von heilig
Gedankengänge II :
Über Sinn und Unsinn in unserem Denken
Gedankengänge III: Manchmal bin ich ein lächelnder Buddha

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