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At Home in the Universe: 2014

At Home in the Universe - 23.6.14
Who am I? Stories I tell myself and others.
A “spiritual” autobiography - remembering, telling and writing the self-narrative of Urs Boeschenstein

From the introduction:
I proudly gave a copy of my "Worldview-Revisions" paper to my good friend Clements, when we “winter birds” met again in the warm “cold season” in Thailand’s pleasant Isaan province. He did not like my paper: “Your text is difficult to read”, he said, “it is not a story – it is just a collection of quotes”.
His remarks shattered my pride, a few years ago such remarks would have made me angry. I would have reacted to such unwarranted criticism with: No,no,no! You don’t understand! But this time I surprised myself, I heard myself say:

Clements, you are right! My worldview-revision story is indeed not my story. It is the story of what other people think about fundamental changes in human worldviews. But reflecting on changes in world views is the motive that keeps me alive. I want to find out how I can use the results of human reflection, the results of philosophical and scientific investigation to make better decisions every day; I am trying to learn to keep walking on the sunny side of the street every moment of my life.
Clements nodded agreement but added: To convince me, you have to tell me your story of this lifelong learning process, the story who you are!
I cannot truly tell you who I am. I don’t know where to begin. Shall I start with the little unhappy boy I was seventy years ago or with the happy “me” I am now?
Just tell me the story of how you became who you became!
That story is actually very simple, I said, it is about learning to be “at home in the world”, “me” being happy in my world.

“At home in the universe”, that might be the title for a different worldview revision text, I thought later that evening, sitting on the balcony of my hotel room watching the sunset. Maybe I should write my “spiritual” auto-biography, graphing my auto-biography, my self-narrative, telling my little stories.

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At Home in the Universe - 23.6.14
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