Graham Harman

Graham Harman
Towards Speculative Realism

Essays and Lectures
ZeroBooks 2010

140 Space,Time, and Essence
The questions:

I. Do space and time arrives from relations between things, or are they independent containers for entities? (Leibniz-Newton)
II. Are space and time made of quantized chunks, or although smoothly flowing continua? (Bergson).
III. Are space and time finite or infinite? (Kant – First Antinomy)
IV. Are space and time separate domains, or a steer to a single space-time, as held by Minkowski and Einstein?
To this I would add a fifth question that has concerned me since my own childhood, or though it is rarely if ever discussed in philosophy:
V. Why do we always speak only of space and time as a power, with no third or fourth term ever added? Is” space and time”and adequate topic, or should we replace it with “space, time, and X” or “space, time, X, andY”? This fifth question may even turn out to be the gateway to the others.

199 Objects, Matter,Sleep, and Death (2009)
199 If we define “object” as that which has a unified and autonomous life apart from its relations, accidents, qualities, and moments, it is obvious that objects remain unpopular in philosophy today. To some they sound a bit too much like old-fashioned substances, and in our time everyone is united in cursing and whipping those substances: