Chatto & Windus 1992

pg 2

Keywords: Mind- Body Problem - qualia - dualism

S. 15

Keywords: a history of mental evolution - I take it for granted that the human mind does indeed have an evolutionary history, extending through nonhuman prototypes- monkeys, reptiles, worms - all the way back to the first glimmerings of life on Earth. - PHENOMENON - an event as it appears to an observer - subjective feelings - sensitivity - action patterns - What is happening to me - what is happening out there - While one path led to the qualia of subjective feelings and first-person knowledge of the self, the other led to the intentional objects of cognition and of objective knowledgege of the external physical world.

pg. 24

Keywords: Senses - The Double Province of the Senses

pg 97

Sentio, ergo sum - I feel, therefore I am

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