Observation - Observer

Siegfried J. Schmidt: The Observer Story - Heinz von Foerster’s Heritage

• Whatever is said is said by an observer to an observer.
• The observer does not observe in a neutral way from outside; instead he/she is enmeshed into the process of observation.
• The properties of the observer and the properties of the observed cannot be
conceptualized independently from one another.
• Observation processes depend upon the body of the observer.
• The distinctions an observer applies are the distinctions of the observer and
not those of the environment or the reality.
• The existence of the observer is constituted by/through the process of applying distinctions.
• Distinctions are not stable identities but unstable formations.
• Acting and gathering knowledge are inseparable from one another.
• Reality results from observing processes.
• Observations produce their ontology by externalizing their results of observation.
• The observer is responsible for his or her observation processes.